RLTC specializes in providing a full range of presciption medication to patients who reside in long term care facilities. It is the aim of RLTC to provide its patients with the best service possible, while offering quality products at a fair market price.

At Reliant Long Term Care, the drug therapy program of each patient is closely monitored with a target of providing effective Long Term Care Consultation with each patient.

Reliant Long Term Care also values relationships. To promote this important aspect of our business, Reliant is deliberately establishing a local flavor. All of the facilities we serve are within 45 minutes of our founding pharmacies: Beans Pharmacy in Washington and Remedy Drug in both Wellman and Montezuma. In an emergency situation, we will be at your service in short order.

We are also committed to treat all of our nursing homes and patients with dignity, courtesy and respect.

You can count on customer questions and concerns to be addressed by RLTC in a positive and forthright manner.

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